My research before I embark on my journey.. Just another secret I will keep, let me share it with you x

oohlalaanease asked: How can I become a sugar baby?



I can’t really I tell you how, but I think it’d be best to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Three big pieces of advice from me are:

  1. never stop learning/reading up on sugaring tips.
  2. Sharpen up your people skills (extremely useful if you plan to freestyle and still vital for online arrangements)
  3. Remember that although we call it “sugaring” it’s not always sweet- never let your guard down fully.

Since I don’t know how old you are, let me start with Stepford Sugar’s Note to Minors.

Assuming you are a legal adult, some things you should read (and follow all of the sugars they came from):

Empire State Sugar’s Sugar Safety Answer

AdmiringSb’s SB Study Masterpost

Stepford Sugar’s Ultimate Guide to Being a Sugar Baby

Int’l Sugarbaby’s Learning from My Sugaring Mistakes

Cali Trophy Wife’s Allowance Calculation Tips

California Sugar Queen’s How to Make a Sugaring Profile

Blonde Angel Baby’s List of Tips and Advice Pages

Empire State Sugar’s Messaging Advice

Blaque Babe’s Dope Sugar Babe Masterpost

Oh Dolce’s Sugar Baby Help Post

The Sugaring Escort’s How to Deal With a Needy SD/POT

That’s a start. There are so many more posts. Read, evaluate why you want to do this, and know your worth.

(As a side note, a HUGE “Thank You!” to all of the sugars who made the guides in this post!)

Good luck, xo.




Interviewer: How would you respond to the idea that being in a “sugardaddy arrangement” is prostitution?

Sugarbaby: I would say this: I know women whose sugardaddies are giving them upwards of $10,000 a month. Sex is only worth so much, and someone is always offering it for less. So clearly, something much more valuable is being offered here.



This still rings so true. No matter how often I read it.